Illuminate: Psalms

Illuminate: Psalms
Entering God's Presence
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Entering God's Presence

The book of Psalms displays a range of human experiences and emotions that are brought to the Lord through songs and prayers. Anger, violence, sadness, and a recognition of evil are all present in the psalms. And so are love, peace, happiness, hope, and a recognition of God’s faithfulness.
Studying the psalms helps us better understand how to worship authentically. No matter whether you’re joyful, angry, suffering, or hopeful, God meets you there. Because God’s “steadfast love endures forever” (Psalm 136:1), we can all say with the psalmists, “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6).



  1. Discovering Joy (Psalms 1; 41)
  2. Our Place in the Universe (Psalms 8; 18)
  3. Rejoice Together (Psalms 33:1–10, 20–22; 47)
  4. Thanksgiving Psalms (Psalms 9:1–12; 136:1–12)
  5. Individual and Communal Laments (Psalms 13; 60)
  6. Laments about Injustice (Psalms 55:1–14; 73:1–5, 9–12, 16–28)
  7. Repentance and Cries for Mercy (Psalms 51:1–12; 143)
  8. Kingship Psalms (Psalms 99; 132:8–18)
  9. Wisdom Psalms (Psalms 37:27–40; 112)
  10. Pilgrimage or Ascent Psalms (Psalms 122; 130)
  11. Unusual and Difficult Psalms (Psalms 119:1–12; 29)
  12. Creation Praises God (Psalms 19; 98)
  13. Using Psalms Today (Psalms 140; 150)



Paul Almquist, Keith Barton, Cherice Bock, Marie Christ, Mark Condo, Lynette Davis, Gil George, Nate Macy, Judy Maurer, Christina Muhr, Charity Sandstrom, Ed Schneider, Daniel Smith-Christopher, Ben Snyder, Andy Stanton-Henry, Greg Woods



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