Illuminate: Mark

Illuminate: Mark
Who Do You Say That I Am?
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Who Do You Say That I Am?

The Gospel of Mark tells the story of Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection at an action-packed tempo, moving from scene to scene with wonder, danger, mystery, and surprise. Though Mark tells us at the very beginning that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, readers are constantly confronted with the question of what kind of Messiah he is. Come along on the journey with us as we learn more about Jesus, bump into our assumptions about what a Messiah should do, and stretch and grow in the paradoxical mystery of a king whose power comes through love and care.



  1. Jesus’ Early Ministry (Mark 1:1–28)

  2. Engaging with Tradition (Mark 2:18–3:6)

  3. Understanding the Parables (Mark 4:1–20, 30–34)

  4. Signs and Miracles (Mark 6:45–52; 8:1–10)

  5. Faith, Doubt, and Healing (Mark 9:17–29; 10:46–52)

  6. The Messianic Secret (Mark 5:30–43; 8:22–26)

  7. Receiving God’s Kingdom (Mark 9:33–37; 10:13–31)

  8. Love and Discipleship (Mark 6:6b–13; 12:28–34)

  9. Toward Transformation (Mark 8:27–9:13)

10. Peace and Justice (Mark 11:1–11, 15–19)

11. Betrayal and Arrest (Mark 14:12–25, 32–42)

12. The Crucifixion (Mark 15:6–15, 25–39)

13. The Two Endings of Mark (Mark 16)



Paul Almquist, Phil Baisley, Cherice Bock, Marie Christ, Mark Condo, Eden Grace, Rhiannon Grant, Donne Hayden, Michael Jay, Geoff Knowlton, Stuart Masters, Jennifer Newman, Stephen Potthoff, Christy Randazzo, Ed Schneider, Ben Snyder, Melinda Wenner Bradley, Brian Young



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