Illuminate: Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Illuminate: Joshua, Judges, Ruth
A Call to Faithfulness
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A Call to Faithfulness

The books of Joshua and Judges pick up the story of the Israelites where Deuteronomy left off: Moses has died, Joshua assumes his role as the next leader, the Twelve Tribes of Israel move into the Promised Land. Judges rise up periodically in the power of God to help fulfill God’s purposes. Ordinary people live at the time as well, and the brief book of Ruth recounts the story of an ordinary—and extraordinary—woman from Moab. As we read these books together this quarter, let the prophetic call to faithfulness draw our own communal spiritual practice deeper.



  1. Conquest and Colonization (Joshua 1:1–11; 5:13–15)

  2. Caught Between (Joshua 1:12–18; 2:1–11)

  3. Entering the Promised Land (Joshua 3:6–17; 6:12–21)

  4. Stealing What Belongs to God (Joshua 7:5–12, 19–26)

  5. Whom Will You Serve? (Joshua 23:2–3, 6–8, 11–13, 16; 24:14–16, 19–25)

  6. Unfinished Conquest (Judges 1:27–36; 2:11–23)

  7. Deborah, the Prophetess Judge (Judges 4:4–10; 5:6–12)

  8. A Disturbing Symbol of Apostasy (Judges 11:29–40; 19:1, 9–10a, 16a, 20, 22–24, 27–28)

  9. The Weak and the Strong (Judges 6:12–16, 33–40; 16:15–22, 28–30)

10. Covenant Faithfulness (Ruth 1:1–22)

11. Justice and Charity (Ruth 2:1–3, 7–23)

12. Courageous Humility (Ruth 3:1–18)

13. Transgression, Chosenness, and Risk (Ruth 4:1–22)



Paul Almquist,
Mark Almquist-Murray,
Phil Baisley,
Cherice Bock,
Max Carter,
Mark Condo,
John Jeremiah Edminster,
Rachel Guaraldi,
Jennifer Higgins-Newman,
Callid Keefe-Perry,
Geoff Knowlton,
Stephen Potthoff,
Christy Randazzo,
Ed Schneider,
Darla Tillman-Samuelson,
Deborah Suess,
Leigh Tolton,
James Tower,
Scott Wagoner


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