Illuminate: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations

Illuminate: Isaiah; Jeremiah; Lamentations
The Day of the Lord
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The Day of the Lord

The biblical books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lamentations offer a window into the pivotal epoch of God’s chosen people as they experienced the fall of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, to the Assyrian Empire and the Southern Kingdom, Judah, to the Babylonian Empire, and the subsequent exile of many into foreign lands. Learn about the context of the exiles and the hopeful vision-casting of Major Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. Encounter the collective trauma of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, which the people dealt with through creating the beautiful and poignant poetry of Lamentations. Consider how the warnings, visions of hope, and tools for communal lament might speak to your condition.



  1. Walk in the Light of the Lord (Isaiah 2:1–12; 3:1–8)

  2. Isaiah: Prophet, Spouse, and Father (Isaiah 6:1–13; 8:1–12)

  3. Speaking Truth to Power (Isaiah 28:1–6, 23–26; 29:17–24)

  4. Prophecy from Babylon (Isaiah 40:1–11; 44:1–8)

  5. Servant of God (Isaiah 42:1–9; 53:1–12)

  6. An Imperfect Return from Exile (Isaiah 55:1–13; 58:1–13)

  7. A New Heaven and a New Earth (Isaiah 65:17–25; 11:1–12)

  8. Jeremiah the Prophet (Jeremiah 1:1–12; 5:1–13)

  9. Prophetic Care (Jeremiah 7:1–12; 8:18–9:6)

10. The Covenant Will Continue (Jeremiah 31:31–37; 32:9–15)

11. Prophetic Loyalty (Jeremiah 38:1–12; 39:1–2; 40:1–6)

12. How? (Lamentations 1:1–12; 3:19–26, 55–59)

13. Sitting with Grief, Pain, and Anger (Lamentations 4:12–22; 5:1–4, 15–22)



Cherice Bock
Mark Condo
Rhiannon Grant
Jennifer Higgins-Newman
Kristina Keefe-Perry
Nate Macy
Daniel Smith-Christopher
Leigh Tolton



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