The Shalom of God

The Shalom of God
Howard R. Macy
paper booklet
2018- March
Barclay Press, Inc

The world hungers for peace. People are starved for peace. No doubt this points to a universal, timeless hope, but now it seems acute. We see peace rallies and vigils, blogs, workshops, internet activism, relief work in war-torn areas, mediators working with families and nations, and ordinary folks everywhere trying to reduce the effects of racism, discrimination, and economic injustice. What Howard R. Macy offers here is an exploration of important biblical ideas about peace. They center on the Hebrew word and concept of shalom. That vision of shalom can deepen our thinking and shape our living for peace because the Bible speaks to our despair. It gives us some goals for peace and a basis to hope that peace will be achieved. The hope we see in the Bible does not come from the idea that humans are terrific. Instead, peace will come because God is good, trustworthy, and free and faithful to act.


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