Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability

Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability
Quakers and the Disciplines, Volume 6
Cherice Bock and Stephen Potthoff
Friends Association for Higher Education


From the Introduction:
“Perhaps the Quaker tradition’s activist tactics coupled with contemplative spirituality could prove a useful offering as future Friends and others seek ways to engage in the work of personal and societal transformation.”

About This Collection:
In this unprecedented gathering of essays on ecology, creation care, and sustainability, over two dozen Quaker authors and scholars address some of the most pressing concerns of our day. Beginning with Quaker themes historically, essays also move toward developing a Quaker ecotheology, discuss Quaker approaches to the environment within academic disciplines, and share stories of sustainability—both individually and organizationally. As a disciplinary contribution to the world from the Friends Association for Higher Education, this book not only reports on ecotheology in action, it also contributes to its furtherance with the discussion questions at the end of each section and an expansive bibliography. An excellent resource for study groups or the classroom, readers concerned about the environment, climate change, and the role of people of faith in caring for the planet will find this volume a must-read.

Critical Acclaim for this Volume:
“This is the richest resource on Quakerism and creation care to date! Rooted in deep spirituality and practical experience, the chapters canvas the topic from history to theology, from academics to activism. I have never seen the case for a distinctively Quaker call to stewardship presented with this breadth and force before.”
Philip Clayton, Ingram Professor of Theology at the Claremont School of Theology and author of Adventures in the Spirit

“On page two of George Fox's Journal, he talked about the three great loves of our religion: love of God, love of neighbor, and love of God’s good earth. This remarkable collection speaks to all three loves in the Quaker past, present, and future. I was inspired and moved by the insights, wisdom, and faithfulness evidenced in this book.”
Steve Chase, Manager of Academic Initiatives at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and author of Letters to a Fellow Seeker

About the Editors:
Cherice Bock teaches in the Creation Care Program at Portland Seminary of George Fox University and served as visiting professor of environmental studies at the Oregon Extension in 2018.

Stephen Potthoff serves as associate professor of religion and philosophy at Wilmington College in Ohio.

Rebecca Artinian-Kaiser
Cherice Bock (editor)
Mike Heller
Douglas J. Burks
Jean Mulhern
Cathy Pitzer
Christy Randazzo
Jon R. Kershner
S. Chagala Ngesa
Lonnie Valentine
Laurel Kearns
Stephen Potthoff (editor)
James W. Hood
Craig Goodworth
Robert Howell
Sara Jolena Wolcott
Donald A. Smith
Kyle Dell
Marlene McCauley
Gail Webster
Shelley Tanenbaum
Walter Hjelt Sullivan
Judy Lumb
Susanna Mattingly
April Mays
Emily Wirzba
Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred


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