Messages to Meetings

Messages to Meetings
Brian Drayton
Inner Light Books
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God’s work to liberate us begins long before we are aware of it, and sometimes we need someone else to acknowledge the Light that they see working in us before we can acknowledge and accept it ourselves. This is why it is a very great gift to greet the Seed in one another.

Brian Drayton was led to write the letters, blog postings, and messages to contemporary Quakers in this collection “out of a sense of requirement in conjunction with service in gospel ministry.” In these writings, he explores themes such as love and unity, prayer, true worship, gospel ministry, spiritual hunger, faithfulness, spiritual gifts, being teachable, hospitality to the active life of the living God, traveling Friends, prophets and callings, and diversity.In a letter to Friends in New England, Brian Drayton writes: “Oh, Friends, remember, it’s a miracle that we see unfolding when any of us feels a true concern, however small the motion! This is God at work, the waters of life flowing, the Seed stirring and strengthening as we give it hospitality. It is to us and through us, for our friends and in some measure for the sweet, inexhaustible Life that seeks to flow through all and has its witness everywhere in the earth and in every heart. Can we see it? Do we long for it? It comes often as just a morsel, but receiving it and feeling the gift and the communion of it, we will be fed and will have more than enough to share and share in turn till no one can say who started the feast, but each gives thanks to the Fountain of Miracles for the birds, the air, the green leaf, and the spiritual bread sufficient for the day. Our vocation is towards joy and fullness of life—Oh! Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Drayton states: “It is my hope that these letters will be of use for individual reflection or meeting conversations. They were written originally out of a motion of love and with the intent that they might help some readers on their path towards the more abundant life that Christ promises and makes possible.”

About the author

Brian Drayton, a plant ecologist working in science education, is a recorded minister in New England Yearly Meeting. He has long encouraged Friends unity and witness, and he often draws on resources for individual and community life found in early Quaker writings. Brian has traveled widely in the ministry and has also given addresses, retreats, and workshops on Friends history and spirituality.


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