Holy Adventure

Holy Adventure
A Spiritual Memoir
Lynn Johnson MS


What does it really mean to be a Quaker? In this memoir, Lynn Johnson offers stories of six different spiritual encounters that illustrate the heart of Quaker identity: knowing the in-dwelling presence of God and seeing that of God everywhere.

If you feel that unique stirring to experience holy adventures, you will find Lynn Johnson's spiritual memoir, Holy Adventure, a deliciously satisfying read.

Lori Leyden, PhD, author of The Grace Process Guidebook, The Stress Management Handbook, and contributing author to Our Moment of Choice

As a neighbor and co-conspirator, I have known and loved Lynn Johnson for decades. But it seems that there were many things I was not aware of. Reading this memoir is like getting a secret passageway into a woman I thought I knew well. Adventures? Definitely. Holy? See for yourself.

Millie Grenough, LCSW, author of Oasis in the Overwhelm and 28-Day Guide: Rewire Your Brain from Chaos to Calm

Lynn Johnson has crafted a rich, personal, spiritual narrative. Holy Adventure beautifully unfolds into a thought-provoking and deeply moving meditation on divinity, humanity, and gender.

Peterson Toscano, Bible scholar, performance artist, and creator of the film Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible

For twenty years, Lynn Johnson MS directed the nonprofit Center for Serenity in West Hartford, Connecticut. She is now focused on environmental healing, working on the board of the Interreligious Eco Justice Network (IREJN.org). She is chair of the Green Committee of the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association (AHNA), striving with others to transform her area of the city of Hartford into a garden- and tree-filled community. She believes in the Quaker testimony that there is "that of God in everyone" and in all creation. In Holy Adventure, she shares her most intimate spiritual experiences.


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