Girl in Tulips

Girl in Tulips
and Other Non-Communicable Family Diseases
Julianne DiNenna
Fernwood Press


Girl in Tulips is part lyric, part incantation and prayer, part memoir of love and longing. We travel into the underworld of wards with intimacy, wonder, provocation, observing the intricacies of family relationships while tottering on the edge of hope, as DiNenna’s poems take us through the zodiac and seasons of childhood illness, calling us to bear witness to the unseen, the unheard. These poems tell the story of one girl’s struggle for life, the sacredness of childhood and innocence, with tenderness, astonishment, and transformation. You will land in places you never thought you’d visit with people you never expected to meet. DiNenna’s poems are intellectual and spiritual, existential and surreal, environmental and profound. A debut collection shockingly candid, offering peace and a place to grieve, hope, and yearn.

The book of poems Girl in Tulips by Julianne DiNenna is a wound healer.

Carmen Bugan, George Orwell Prize Fellow

These poems heartbreakingly hold on for dear life but, even more heartbreakingly, demonstrate the need to let go into living.

Dr. Jeana DelRosso, Sister Maura Eichner Endowed Chair of English

Girl in Tulips is a guide for the gut disguised as a poetry collection….

Elizabeth Boquet, author of Galoshes

These deeply felt poems are full of fierce hope, faith, healing, and acceptance.

Mary-Jane Holmes, author of Set a Crow to Catch a Crow and Don’t Tell the Bees

A moving collection that holds us close and breaks our hearts.

Hannah Greico, editor of Already Gone: 40 Stories of Running Away

Girl in Tulips gazes unflinchingly upon illness and caregiving, anguish and tenderness, grief and loss, and the countless myth-imbued mysteries of our aching, extraordinary lives.

Romana Iorga, author of Temporary Skin

Oh God, how this collection aches with loss, love, the unimaginable re-imagined into these poems for a baby girl, a wish for her to come home….

Randall Brown, founder and managing editor of Matter Press

Julianne DiNenna

lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has worked on four different continents. She was a finalist in Harbor Editions Marginalia series, semi-finalist in the Wicked Woman Book Prize of BrickHouse Books, and winner of several poetry prizes. Girl in Tulips is her first poetry collection.

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