Everyday Faith for Daily Life

Everyday Faith for Daily Life
Jan White
2022- November 23
Independently Published


Have you ever felt like a basket case? If so, you have something in common with Moses and the Apostle Paul. Did you know the words of a well-known hymn came from a son's letter to his mother? Want to read about one family's faith over fear in the face of COVID-19? Each of the eighty thought-provoking, informative messages in this book provides a unique perspective on Everyday Faith for Daily Life. Jan White has written a weekly religion column for over 25 years in the Andalusia Star-News and the Enterprise Southeast Sun. Everyday Faith for Daily Life is a compilation of some of her most memorable columns. In this book, Jan shares personal experiences, inspirational stories, and practical lessons from her life that have increased her faith. At times, you will likely laugh, maybe cry; but you will certainly relate to the words you will read in this book. You will meet a 4th century Asian monk named Telemachus, 5th century missionary St. Patrick, winning football Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg, Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, Astronaut Jim Irwin, talented artist and quadriplegic Joni Erickson Tada, and learn of their impact on the lives of others. Enjoy a humorous lesson on pride taught by a frog; take an eye-opening look at the amazing human body; understand the language of tears; and find answers to "why" questions regarding suffering and forgiveness. You will read parallels between seatbelts and the Ten Commandments, Watergate and Christ's Resurrection, and President Kennedy and British author C.S. Lewis. Jan White is an award-winning writer. Among her numerous writing awards, Jan received the prestigious Amy Writing Award for one of her columns selected from submissions of writers nationwide. Her articles and devotionals have been published in Focus on the Family and Charisma Magazine, as well as other publications.


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