Barbara and Elizabeth

Barbara and Elizabeth
Late-Life Lovers
Elizabeth F. Boardman


Two women in their seventies, who have loved men all their lives, fall in love (to their astonishment) with each other.

This sober, sensible book, Barbara and Elizabeth: Late-Life Lovers, is about two women who have loved men all their lives and then, in their seventies, fall in love (to their astonishment) with each other. By explaining their experience in an easy, talk-to-you-on-the-phone over-a-cup-of-coffee style - their past distinct lives, how the two met, loved, and then courageously worked out a conventional/unconventional life (they took pains to embarrass no one and at the same time each did what she wanted: held on to her own apartment, money, individual identities) - Boardman gives you a sense that you might do things a little differently in the relationship you're in. You might loosen up and live more the way you want, with love. Every story with universal relevance has a local address, and this book will appeal to young and old, rich and poor, gay and straight, and so many others. It's a plucky book that somehow, some way, made me more lion-hearted. -Arlene Heyman, MD, author of Scary Old Sex and Artifact

This book is very important for showing one of the most rarely discussed topics of life - new love later in life. The honest and caring tone to present these ideas is no surprise coming from Elizabeth Boardman. She is a known Quaker elder and seeker well before this lovely new story. -John Calvi, author of The Dance Between Hope & Fear

Reviews from other readers:

This book is remarkable, finely written, beautifully honest, straight from the heart - ground-breaking. The meditations around androgyny, all the nuances of budding relationship, the chapters on sex! - damn fabulous stuff. Your interrogations hold great interest and lessons for all of us.

There is nothing like this in the literature.

A book that anyone of whatever sexual orientation will find interesting.

Elizabeth has such a refreshingly direct and open voice. Her writing makes the reader feel as though she is speaking to a close friend, sharing secrets.

There is so much to contemplate in this book. I have been thinking of androgyny as being only about physical appearances. This book takes the concept to a deeper, Jungian level.

Elizabeth Boardman's sensual writing attests to the authenticity of this romance because no one could possibly write like that unless she truly experienced the flush, the fire, and the tenderness. I love books about bold women who have the courage to break conventions in order to follow their desires.

I loved reading this book - especially the commonalities in finding and accepting a special relationship and feeling free to be our true selves well into our seventies.

Elizabeth Boardman has written more than half a dozen books, including two collections of poetry. Those books are about taking a leading role in a Quaker congregation for several years, working in the Tenderloin of San Francisco, participating in an anti-war peace team in Iraq, and accompanying a brother during the last weeks of his life. She credits history professors at Harvard for teaching her to write. Elizabeth and Barbara live in California.


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