A Mess of Relatives

A Mess of Relatives
Kris Sandoz and Jen Schulze
Zi Valsileva
2018- November 9
Springbrook Books

Did you know that a group of boys is called a noise? Or that a group of girls is called a giggle? It makes perfect sense that a group of family members is called a mess! This collective noun book celebrates the anticipation of your birthday and the uniqueness of your family. Celebrate your next birthday with a Mess of Relatives!

A Mess of Relatives is designed to support early literacy skills development and a life-long love of reading. The front cover is more illustrated than the back, so it is obvious how to hold the book. Left to right movement of both text and illustrations reinforce directionality. Wonky text placement on page twenty-five supports one-to-one correspondence and develops print awareness. Engaging illustrations support the text while encouraging the reader to turn the page. The text and illustrations flip on pages sixteen to nineteen, encouraging interaction with the reader and further develop print awareness. A simple font with good spacing models the strokes we teach in schoolno fancy a or g. Strong patterned text pulls the reader through the story. Word choices develop rich vocabulary skills. The storyline opens opportunities to discuss and accept the messy nature of families. Readers are encouraged to read it again and again and again!


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