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Dig deep this Lenten season. Go below the surface into rich engagement with your place in God’s good creation. Seven thoughtful writers—brought together in collaborative partnership with EcoFaith Recovery, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice—will meet you there. And together, like grains of wheat that die to themselves to bring forth new life, we will discover what new life may take root this Lent.

Immerse yourself in this Lenten devotional alongside Dr. Randy Woodley’s Becoming Rooted: One Hundred Days of Reconnecting with Sacred Earth. Inspired by Woodley’s daily reflections, the contributors to A Grounded Faith invite you to join them in grappling honestly and vulnerably with Lenten themes as they relate to our relationship with Earth, with Indigenous worldviews, and with the beauty and vulnerability of this land and our place in it.

As each day goes by, you will find yourself both challenged and heartened, agitated and activated, unmoored and regrounded. Ultimately, we hope you move through this season grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with Creator and creation, with your own humanity and that of others, and with a life- and Earth-honoring faith, the kind of faith we need to flourish in these times.

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